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Open Show Results - 3 March 2007

The Society held its annual Open Show at Swindon on Saturday 3 March 2017.

Best in Show was judged by Mr Peter Radley (Intisari)

Best in Show - Steele's Pomeranian, Sullews Celtic Dragon

Reserve Best in Show - Halliwell's Welsh Terrier, Wigmore Foxwhelp 

Best Puppy in Show - Poulter's Standard W/H Dachshund, Lankelly Eloquent Rose

Reserve Best Puppy in Show - Vine's Chow Chow, Shanutai Solitaire

Breed and Group Winners are shown below:








Gundogs, Group Judge Mrs J Richards (Eastlands)

Group 1 - Smith's Italian Spinone, Sanjika Natalia

Group 2 - Watkin's Labrador, Anarita Tiger Mac

Group 3 - Upton's Hungarian W/H Vizsla, Tragus Ginger Rogers

Group 4 - Smith's Pointer, Medogold Dan Tastic

Puppy G1 - Upton's Hungarian Vizsla, High Flyer to Tragus

Puppy G2 - Arber's Clumber Spaniel, Brauncewell Beamish

Hounds, Group Judge Mrs S Rawlings (Chyton)

Group 1 - King's Afghan, Serra Parecis In Alright Jack at Belamba (Imp)

Group 2 - Webber's Whippet, Penbriar Foxhunter

Group 3 - Poulter's Std Wire Haired Dachshund, Lankelly Eloquent Rose ShCM

Group 4 - Reeve's Pharaoh Hound, Akhanubis Nettikurti with Annatefkah

Puppy G1 - Poulter's Std Wire Haired Dachshund, Lankelly Eloquent Rose ShCM

Puppy G2 - Allenby's Basset Fauve de Bretagne, Brequest Brettany avec Rangali

Pastoral, Group Judge Mrs L Roberts (Malaroc)

Group 1 - Hatelet's Shetland Sheepdog, Mohnesee Dolly Belle JW

Group 2 - Petrie's GSD, Bilmetts Zapphire

Group 3 - Saunders's Australian Shepherd, Gemthorne Thunderstorm

Group 4 - Duffin-Penney's OES, Holanja Auroras Dream at Longdorham

Puppy G1 - Purtilo & McNamara's Bearded Collie, Moppetswood Magic Spell

Puppy G2 - Hutchings's Border Collie, Jenerlena A Kind Of Magic

Terriers, Group Judge Mr F Gadd (Gadkey)

Group 1 - Halliwell's Welsh Terrier, Wigmore Foxwhelp

Group 2 - Caines's Bedlington Terrier, Burmington And Me Too

Group 3 - Carter's SCWT, Chloeanco Sunswept Dreams

Group 4 - Thompson's Cairn Terrier, Castleline Jackard

Puppy G1 - O'Neil & Mizen's Manchester Terrier, Megellan Free Runner

Puppy G2 - Hart's Norfolk Terrier, Jaeva Skywalker of Khazedel

Toy, Group Judge Mr Peter Radley (Intisari)

Group 1 - Steele's Pomeranian, Sullews Celtic Dragon

Group 2 - Gardener's CKCS, Ixion Athena

Group 3 - Day's Chinese Chested, Belledais Buccaneer JW

Group 4 - Whetter's Min Pinscher, Vardenais Alfie Moon at Mandolais

Puppy G1 - Cawthera's Pomeranian, Lireva's Sunflash

Puppy G2 - Whetter's Min Pinscher, Mandolais Magic Moment

Utility, Group Judge Mr Peter Radley (Intisari)

Group 1 - Lewis's Dalmation, Man About Town at Hunterswood

Group 2 - Brown's Japanese Spitz, Tawvale Watashi at Tanzu

Group 3 - Paradise's Lhasa Apso, Shardlow Pilot Of The Future

Group 4 - Ilott's Miniature Schnauzer, Leecurt Sophie Mae

Puppy G1 - Vine's Chow Chow, Shanutai Solitaire

Puppy G2 - Lewis's Dalmation, Hunterswood Razzmatazz

Working, Judge Mr P Oriani (Srormsail)

Group 1 - Watkins's Rottweiler, Reizend Relight My Fire for Chisimon

Group 2 - Evan's Dobermann, Ebrill Brownie Points from Merrydobe

Group 3 - Baldwin's Leonberger, Brynarian Agapanthus

Group 4 - Knight's Boxer, Walkon Surely Not of Sarsbrook

Puppy G1 - Trevett's Bernese Mountain Dog, Vellbern You Japanese Gem

Puppy G2 - Smith's Bouvier, Tierman Beryl

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